All Watches have been checked to see if they work. Batteries may need to be replaced and are not included in price quoted. All watches are used and not new and are sold as is. Check each item as soon as you receive it and make sure it is as you ordered. If there is a problem contact us as soon as possible.
FOSSIL, Copper, Chonograph, black steel band
Phillip Stien Small Case Quartz SS, leather band

Phillip Stien Teslar Chronograph 3-G-CRS-NRB

Swiss Army Belt watch

Roots, Bever, Steel band
Waltham Ladies, spring steel band
NASCAR #24, cloth band  $10.00
NASCAR #25, cloth band $10.00
Swiss Army, cloth/leather band $29.99
Swiss Military, Chronograph steel band  $69.99

??? see through, don't know much about this watch
looks good back to left   $250.00

??? Back view, leather band
Lucein Piccard Sapphire $69.99
ECCLISSI sterling silver band 72.4g total wt. $79.99
SEIKO Blue face, steel and black band $99.99
TIMEX INDIGLO, steel band WR 50M $49.99
CITIZEN ECHO-Drive, steel band $99.99
CITIZEN ECHO-Drive, steel band WR 100M $99.99
CITIZEN QUARTZ Gold fill band $39.99
GWD Black face, 2 Diamonds, steel band $59.99
FOSSIL DIAMOND,steel band $49.99
FOSSIL 2 DIAMONDS, steel band $49.99
FOSSIL Green face, steel band $39.99
Tules Jurgensen Red face, leather band $59.99
Kenneth Cole New York, steel band $89.99
BULOVA Marine Star 100M gold/steel band $69.99
Paul Jardin QUARTZ steel band $39.99
FOSSIL Blue face Ladies small gold/chrom band
FOSSIL Blue face Ladies, cut crystal, chrom band
SWATCH, automatic, steel band $89.99
TAG Professional, steel band $239.99
FOSSIL Red face Ladies, $89.99
FOSSIL Black face, FOSSIL BLUE, $59.99
fOSSIL Black face, FOSSIL BLUE, crystal is scratched
FOSSIL Blue face, FOSSIL BLUE, $59.99
SEIKO QUARTZ, w/Seiko Steel-G band $59.99
Majestron MOVT pocket watch $10.00
Elegance Antimagnetic Hong Kong $10.00
TechnoMarine Ladies Dive watch
2 ring DIAMOND bezel WR 200M
Chronograph Mod. Cruse CS09

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