A Billiard Cue Handcrafted just for you.
Smith Handcrafted Custom Cues.

If you have a cue that needs repair, I can repair almost any problem from tip to butt stopper. (ALL BRANDS) When you think it is ready to throw away I can probably make it almost like new. Call me and I will be happy to talk to you about any service work you may need.


I have several used cues for sale. If you need more information please call or send an email.
You can ship your cue to me and I will fix and return. Just give me a call or email for instructions.
Learn to play better from a trained Professional Billiard Instructor Association Certified Instructor.

h c s i l v e r t @ A O L . c o m

Some Cues that I have made

My name is Howard Smith. I am a cuemaker. I make handcrafted custom billiard cues. I would like to make one just for you.

Special inlays can be put into your cue. I can take a picture, load it into our system and inlay it into a cue. Almost anything that can be photographed or scanned can be inlayed.

My cues are all a one of a kind and are made for their play ability FIRST and beauty second. My cues are made of the finest materials and are built to play like a dream.

Pool Cue Cases

The HowardSir